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About Our Data

Data Definitions

NOZA’s database is comprised of detailed charitable donation information that has been collected from publicly available internet locations. Each “Noza Record” contains the following 12 fields:

Donor Name - Name appears as it is found on the source document... [+] More

Donation Range - Gift amounts will include the range stated in the source document... [+] More

Recipient Organization - This field indicates the name of organization receiving the donation... [+] More

Donation Year - When the donation was made according to the source document... [+] More

Donation Category - Each record is assigned a category based on information in the source document... [+] More

Recipient Location - Location of Recipient Organization... [+] More

Recipient Scope - Each organization is identified as either LOCAL, NATIONAL, or INTERNATIONAL... [+] More

Recipient Category - Each Record is assigned one or more NTEE general and specific categories... [+] More

Source Link - Hyperlink to where the source document was found... [+] More

Database Snapshot as of November 1, 2021

Total Donation Records: 182,158,472 [+] More

Totals by State

United States [+] More

Canada [+] More

Totals by Gift Amount

$10MM: 7,797 [+] More

Totals by Gift Year

2021: 1,051,163 [+] More

Total Amount by Gift Year

2021: $3,681,814,558 [+] More

Totals by Gift Category

Announced Gift: 2,009 [+] More