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Prospect Research 101

Prospect Research is the process of identifying, reviewing, and profiling prospective donors, investigating their philanthropic, financial, and family histories in order to gain essential information before a strategic and appropriate solicitation is made.

We invite you to browse the informational resources below.

NOZA Prospect Research Guide

An introductory guide to prospect research

Information on Donors: What is Correct, Ethical, Both or Neither

Keynote presentation on ethics and the use of donor information at the June 2012 CARA Conference by Kate Fultz Hollis of UCLA

How Charitable Giving History Reveals Passions and Capacity

A webinar on NOZA as a prospect research tool by David Lamb, DeAndrea Russell and Kathleen Rogers

Blackbaud Prospect Research Blog

An online resource for prospect researchers where you will find opportunities to engage with your peers and learn forward-thinking best practices from some of the most respected experts in the industry.

APRA Statement of Ethics

Prospect research statement of ethics from the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement

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