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NOZA Fundraising Tools

Annual Subscription

Designed for: Nonprofits with a continuing need for donations

It’s fast – build lists quickly from the world’s largest searchable database of charitable donations. It’s easy to use – search by name, zip, cause and more. It’s current –over a million entries added per month. It’s comprehensive – create insightful profiles and philanthropic histories. It’s accurate – you minimize dead ends. For nonprofits in pursuit of limited available dollars, NOZAsearch delivers a huge competitive advantage.

Monthly Pass

Designed for: Nonprofits with a limited fundraising window

A monthly subscription is ideal for event-focused nonprofits in need of lead-generating prospect research tools. It’s a quick way to find new prospects and evaluate current donors for major gift potential. Try it as an affordable test to see if NOZA will in fact help you raise more money more efficiently and spend less doing it.

Free Foundation Search

Designed for: Grant writers

Available without charge to support smaller nonprofits that cannot afford to pay for the data. The free search provides a hands-on demonstration of NOZAsearch functionality, valuable information when a nonprofit moves to improve fundraising with corporate and individual prospects where 88% of the giving capacity exists.

Donor Mailing Lists

Mailing lists from the Enhanced Donor Masterfile are available for rent. Select from nearly 9 million addresses of charitable individuals by gift amount range, type of cause, location and other demographic and lifestyle criteria.

There is a 5,000-name minimum. For rental of a NOZA mailing list, please contact our list agent, Sheryl Benjamin of Lake Group Media at (914) 925-2432 or

Constituent Screenings

NOZA can screen your entire database to provide more robust profiles of your top donors and uncover existing donors with interests and giving patterns that signal their potential to become major donors.

It’s a fast, easy and accurate way to let you focus effectively on major prospects and their interests and engage them at the right level. For more information, contact

Free Announced Gift Alerts

Receive a monthly email summary of the most newsworthy newly announced major gifts and pledges to nonprofit organizations. Sign up here to start your free monthly alerts.

More Canadian Information

In Canada, NOZA philanthropy data is also available via CharityCan, the site for in-depth information about Canada's 85,000-plus registered Charitable Organizations, Private Foundations, and Public Foundations. For more information click here.