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Customer Stories

We value hearing from our customers.

For you, it’s shared experiences: seeing that prospect researchers are using NOZA to glean insights into philanthropic histories. Learning that smaller nonprofits are using us to target new donors for capital drives. Discovering ways that inquisitive users are mining NOZA to create new efficiencies, new savings and new successes.

We welcome your comments, encourage them and are eager to share them with you, our community of users. Let us hear from you.

"NOZA changed the way I look at giving potential. I use it daily and could not live without it. We use NOZA to look for the experience of philanthropy."

Cecelia Hogan
Director, University Relations Research - University of Puget Sound

"With NOZA, you can really get a sense of where prospects give, how much they give, and their potential"...[+] More

Shirley Clark
Canadian Paraplegic Association – Ontario

"NOZA has become my go-to source for donation information – it is the most comprehensive giving database I’ve ever used"... [+] More

Shelly Steenhorst-Baker
Ottawa-based Carleton University’s Manager, Research and Records

"What used to take me hours now takes minutes!"... [+] More

Kathie Baggett
Senior Research Officer – Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

"NOZA is revolutionary. We’ve changed the way we do business using NOZA philanthropy data"... [+] More

Sandra Campero
Director of Research and Prospect Mgmt. – ASU Foundation for a New American University

"Using research shaped by NOZA philanthropy data, today we found out our first ask resulted in a "yes!""... [+] More

Susan Kostas
Prospect Research Consultant – Rhode Island

"Now we can learn more about a new prospect in a few seconds than we could through days of research before"... [+] More

Don Elder
Western Rivers Conservancy

"We do a lot of in-depth research, but if a fundraiser comes to you at 10:00 in anticipation of meeting with a donor at 12:00, they want information that can be obtained quickly and that is when NOZA really comes in handy"... [+] More

Robin Klor
Director of Development Research – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center